Our Values

At Hoi P'loy we're inspired by values from the past. Our goal is to make beautiful items that perform well and last long, the way our grandparents would have made them. We go about this by reviving the highest quality materials,such as solid brass, copper, stainless steel and Bakelite. We also invest heavily in the production process, from design to testing, certification, and finally precision manufacturing. 

Over the years we've discovered that it's quite a challenge meeting the high standards we strive for. Our "secret sauce" that makes this journey possible is a committed and tight-knit team. We encourage an atmosphere where each person values the bigger picture and the contributions are valued in return.

Our strong focus on service means we strive to ensure that everybody has a positive and uplifting experience with us and our products. This is really important to us, so in an effort to achieve these goals we invite regular, honest feedback regarding experience with our products and services. 

Made in Cape Town

While some of our products are commissioned internationally, the majority of Hoi P'loy's custom designed lights, fittings and components are manufactured in Cape Town.We're a little obsessive when it comes to detail and this can be seen even in some of our smallest components such as our etched name plates and precision engineered thumb screws lovingly crafted in the mother city.