Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you sell flowers?

Unfortunately not. Hoy P’loy Florist (different spelling;) is unrelated and based in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Phone : 011 325 5836,

2.  Can I order online? Do you deliver?

Yes you can! We deliver nationally and internationally using a Hand to Hand Courier. 

Online order delivery costs are as per below

-       Cape Town City Bowl area

-       Western Cape, South Africa : R 80

-       South Africa Nation Wide : R 120

-       International orders : Contact us to receive the most suitable shipping quote for your order

3.  How long does it take to receive the order?

Your order is our priority. For South African residents, we dispatch orders that are placed before 12 pm on the same day for next day’s delivery.

Your parcel should be delivered to you on the next day if it is a small parcel and if the provided address is accessible.

Parcels that are larger ( >2 kg’s) and are going to remote areas will be delivered to you between 24-72 hours.

4.  What do I do if I receive a broken light bulb or damaged product in the couriered box?

Please contact us within 24 hours via email with a photo of the broken item and we will advise further. Please refer to our returns policy on how to log a return. 

5.  What do I need to install these beautiful light bulbs?

Our bulbs are available in standard E27 (Screw) and B22 (Bayonet) styles which can be easily inserted into most existing lamp fittings.

You can also purchase a complete light from us, or build your own unique creation using our components. If that’s the case you’ll need a lamp holder which holds the light bulb, the cable that hangs down, and ceiling cup to attach the cable to the ceiling. You can find more information on exactly what is required for each light fitting on the Fittings and Lighting page. Only a qualified electrician should assemble and install the lights you’ve purchased.

6.  How long do the light bulbs last?

The average lifespan is around 3,000 hours which is between 4-8 months or longer depending on the environment and how often they are used.

7. Do the light bulbs come with a guarantee?

Yes, we can assure you that our bulbs are manufactured to the highest standards. In the unlikely scenario where a light bulb might fail to perform, please contact us within 30 days to arrange a replacement. Although each light bulb is individually tested and very carefully packaged before leaving our studio, poor care during transit can occasionally reduce the lifespan of the filament. When accessing the damages, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what may have caused the light bulb to fail – it could be due to power surges, transportation or even the light bulb itself. We’ll always go above and beyond to make sure that any concerns you may have are addressed.

8.  Can the bulbs be dimmed?

Yes, you can dim the incandescent and CFL bulbs on an approved dimmer. The LED bulbs are unfortunately are not dimmable.

9.  Am I able to use the bulbs with existing fittings?

Yes. Just remember to check your lamp fitting before ordering to ensure you receive the right type. Our bulbs are available in Bayonet (B22/BC two pins) and Edison Screw (E27/ES).

10.  Which light bulb is the brightest?

Our bulbs range between 11W, 25W and 40W. The 40W would be the brightest while also emitting a warm amber glow. However we have found that the vertical spiral filament is slightly brighter than the rest of the bulbs.

Our CFL bulb uses less energy and has a slightly brighter glow than the rest of our incandescent bulbs.

11.  Are the light bulbs energy saving?

We do offer an LED and CFL light bulb option. However our signature incandescent light bulbs are, at the highest, 40W which consume less energy than the usual 100W bulbs.

12. Do the light bulbs have a tint?

Our lights are all see-through but because they are handmade, they all have a slightly different tint in colour. Some of our light bulbs have a slight brownish tint however, this doesn't affect the light and is not very noticeable, especially when turned on.

13.  Is the Fabric Cable Cord priced per metre?

Yes, we sell the fabric cable per meter. We supply in full lengths but you are welcome to contact us should you need custom lengths cut. If you are ordering online and would like us to cut your ordered length into shorter multiple lengths please stipulate this at the notes section once you have checked out, and we will do so for your convenience. If you would like to place a bulk order (100 m or more) please contact us directly at

14. What is the difference between 2 core and 3 core fabric cable?

The only difference between 2-core and 3-core is that 2-core cable only has neutral and live cables without an earth. The diameter of the 2-core cable is slightly thinner than the 3-core (+/- 1 mm).

We have 51 fabric cable colours available in 3-core but the selection for 2-core fabric cable is limited to only 7 colours.

15. What does “Oxidized brass” mean?

This means that the solid brass components have been treated to transform their colour from a yellow, golden hue to a deep, dark grey which we also call “Gunmetal”. The finish, is then coated with a clear lacquer which offers further protection and prolongs the lifespan of the gunmetal finish.

16. Can I install my fixtures outside?

The only lights that should be installed out-doors are ones that have been specifically designed and tested for that type of use. Our range of Out-door Vintage String Lights are suitable for use outside, while most of our range is for in-door use only.

17. Do the light bulbs work internationally?

Our light bulbs can be used in countries with 220V - 240V rating. Please see the following map:


Some countries prohibit the use of incandescent light bulbs which means that it’s up to the customer to ensure that our 40w filament bulbs comply with local regulations before ordering. Exceptions are sometimes made for “specialized decorative bulbs” under which our product can fall.

18. Where can I find stockists of Hoi P’loy?

Modernist in JHB and Stable in Cape Town are our primary stockists.

MØDERNIST 4th Ave. (Cnr. 12th St.) Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

Shop hours:

Monday to Friday | 10am to 5pm

Saturday | 10am to 4pm

Sunday | 10am to 2pm


Anikesh Ramani | 082 903 6886

Gavin Thomas | 076 871 8420

Shop | 011 447 0016

Stable Design (Pty) Ltd 65 Loop Street Cape Town

Shop hours:

Monday to Friday | 9am to 5pm

Saturday | 10am to 1pm

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed


Shop | 021 426 5922