Our Vintage Edison Light Bulbs

The vintage light bulbs we offer are based on some of the original bulb designs of the great Thomas Edison. Our range of hand crafted antique style bulbs has been made from high quality materials and are available in different shapes and sizes with a variety of element styles. We cater for both Bayonet (B22) and Screw (E27) fittings so we are sure to have a light bulb to meet your needs.  Unlike some vintage bulbs available in the USA, our bulbs have been designed specifically for South Africa’s 220 volt electricity infrastructure and have been thoroughly tested and certified accordingly. The 40 Watt amber glow creates a soft, romantic light that we know you will love. We are based in Cape Town and are able to accommodate small and large orders for both the retail and wholesale markets.

Our Fabric Covered Cable Cords

We are very proud to offer the widest range of fabric cable cord in South Africa. All of the braided flex cord colours and styles shown here are in stock and ready to ship out as soon as you place your order. Our fabric covered electrical cables are made from the highest quality woven cloth sleeve with 3 cores and double PVC insulation. This dynamic range of fabric cables are great compliments in households, shops, restaurants and galleries with options of vibrant and neutral colours. If you do not find the fabric cable colour you are looking for, do not hesitate to inform us and we will do the best we can to satisfy your needs.

When ordering fabric covered cord there is no minimum order quantity and you can mix and match as many colours as you like. Remember to check back often, as we are always adding new colours to our braided electrical cord range.

Our Lamps Fittings and Fixtures

Besides our fabric covered cables and antique vintage light bulbs, we also stock a wide range of stylish lamp fittings. Our vintage style lighting accessories are made up mostly of Bakelite and Brass are unlike anything else available in Cape Town or South Africa. We are continuously developing new lamp fixtures as we like to offer our customers something new from time to time.

“hoi polloi”

(Ancient Greek: ο? πολλο?, hoi polloi, “the many”),

a Greek expression meaning “the many” or, in the strictest sense,

“the majority”, is used in English to refer to the working class,

commoners, the masses or common people

- Wikipedia 2013

The story of Hoi P’loy

Hoi P’loy is a vintage lighting company based in Cape Town, South Africa. The brand was created as a play on the Ancient Greek expression ‘Hoi Polloi’ as well as the name of company co-founder, Ploy Phiromnam.

When we came up with our name, we found that there was often a common misconception amongst our friends that the phrase ‘hoi polloi’ suggests the elite of society. In fact it is the exact opposite, with the translation of ‘hoi’ meaning ‘the’ and ‘polloi’ meaning ‘many’. So the term rather refers to the masses. We quite enjoy this misunderstanding and hope that we are able to bridge the gap between what would have once been a standard household product and a sophisticated appreciation of retrospective ambiance. Light plays an undeniably important role in the atmosphere of our lives. It is the love for a warm nostalgic glow from the past which inspired us to offer products that reflect forgotten traditional values in today’s modern world.

Who we are

Hoi P’loy is the result of creatives Ploy Phiromnam and Guy van der Walt coming together in 2013. Originally from Bangkok Ploy’s experience has been in buying, importing and exporting for leading fashion brands. Guy is a native Capetonian and has worked as an animator and designer since 2002. Both Ploy and Guy have a great love for travel and finding hidden gems off the beaten track. Having the opportunity to live and spend time in cities like London, Bangkok, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Ghent has exposed both Ploy and Guy to a global revival of vintage aesthetics through contemporary subcultures.

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